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Caravel 3.4 released
Posted By: Reuven M Hodges, Nov 28, 2007

Caravel version 3.4 has been released.  New features include:
* multi-lingual tools that allow you to make multiple language versions of your site and documents seamlessly
* a blogging application
* new image browser/uploader
* simplified security tools
* core api changes to allow for more streamlined page display and ajax use

Quite a few bugs have also been fixed.  Check the changelog for all the changes.

Caravel 3.3 released
Posted By: davidig, Jun 06, 2007

Caravel version 3.3 has just been released.  Highlights in the new version include:
* Comments app allows attaching comments to any block or file
* Workflow app allows management of data collected via forms
* Image manipulation tools allow scaling, rotating, and cropping images after they are uploaded.
* Improved calendar view

Many bugs have also been fixed.  See the full changelog for the complete list of changes.

Caravel 3.2 Released
Posted By: Reuven M. Hodges, Jul 20, 2006

Version 3.2 features a number of UI improvements as well as some new and improved apps. The following are some of the changes:
*Reworked UI for the editor to make file creation/modification more streamlined.
*Import/Export functionality for all blocks and templates. You can now create and share your templates.
*Account sign-up tool
*Reworked UI for the formbuilder
*Flash Video and WMV support
*Numerous bugfixes

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